Brief History of Carpinteria High School

Carpinteria’s first freshmen class was in 1913. The high school and grammar school were conducted in a building then located at the corner of Palm Avenue and the former state highway, now Carpinteria Avenue.

The high school occupied the upper floor of the two-story building; grammar school classes were held on the lower floor. The first graduating class consisted of three members.

Because of an increase in enrollment in 1927, a new building was constructed and used as a temporary shop. This was followed by a wood bungalow, built to house music and art classes.

In 1929, a bond election was held for a new school plant. The proposal was defeated, but a second attempt made in 1930 was successful, and the present main building was built. The first graduation was held there in June 1931.

The former campus, now the middle school, consisted of approximately eight acres of well kept grounds, fine buildings, concrete tennis courts, and turfed athletic filed. The auditorium, which seats 600 people, was also used as a gymnasium and as meeting place for student body assemblies, as well as community programs and activities.

In 1950, the athletics field was improved. Permanent bleachers were installed and flood lights erected to permit night activities. The field was renamed “Memorial Field” and dedicated in impressive ceremonies to the memory of those graduates who were casualties in World Wars I and II.

Additional property was acquired in 1950 adjacent to the athletic field. This site was to permit expansion of needed facilities. A garage to house transportation equipment located on the south-east corner in 1952.

In 1954 a bond election, funds were approved for a new homemaking building, showers and locker rooms for boys and a new agriculture and shop building, and for the enlargement and modernization of the girl’s showers to accommodate increased enrollment.

In 1961 also marked the first summer session. A limited number of six-week courses were offered for credit and enrichment, completed by over 200 students, ranging from seventh through the twelfth grades.

In 1968 the high school had an enrollment of approximately 700 students.

In 1961, thirty-one acres were purchased on Foothill Road for a new high school. Twelve classrooms, the first phase of the construction was completed in 1962-1963 school year and housed the seventh and eight grade students until 1967.

Construction on the second phase of the “new” high school began in 1966 and included the administration building, library, science complex, applied arts, cafeteria, gymnasium, and 1,00 seat amphitheater. Most of the construction was completed for the opening school by September 1967.


* taken from 1968 student handbook